Welcome To Our Paradise

Green Gage Farm is a peaceful country getaway on a quiet rural lane in Marin County’s ‘horse country’ between Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean. Our 2-acre parcel has five cottages on the upper half of the property and a spacious field bordering the main road for exploring several recently added features of permaculture farming, such as a gravity waterway, hugelkultur planting on-contour, a secret fort, a wildlife habitat through an Urunda maze, a wildly decorated art studio in the barn, and more.

Because we believe in lifelong learning and thrive on self-expression, we like to encourage artists and impassion visionaries to let the farm inspire them. We’ve created many little nooks on the grounds for the imagination to flourish, while at the same time sewing the seeds of robust edibles and ornamentals in the gardens.

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